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An image of iron artists pouring iron at night with Nordic Iron.  Two are pouring iron into a thunderbox mold.  There are flames coming out of the mold, and sparks in the air above the iron artists.

performance iron pour,
by Nordic Iron
photo by Evan Barnum

Flyer for Falls Art Market: Locally Grown Art.  Lists the 2022 dates, 4th Saturdays: May 28, June 25, July 23, Aug 28.
Falls Art Market 2022

4th Saturdays, 8:30a-1:30pm
May 28, Jun 25, Jul 23, Aug 27
FREE! Cool summer mornings. Wake up and stroll the lawn at this relaxed, outdoor event featuring original artwork, artist demos and drop-by workshops. Dog friendly and people friendly. Artists please email us for info + application.

Photo of iron tiles from an Iron Pour at BronzeAge, Sioux Falls SD with Nordic Iron.  Includes two handprints, a star, a sunflower, a turtle, a bee, and others.
Iron Tile Workshop

Sat, June 18, 4:30p-7:30p
Take home kit available
“Scratch” a design into a sand mold then we’ll fill it with hot iron at The Sun Pour at BronzeAge. Allow 45-90 minutes. $35/tile. Sand molds can be picked up in advance to “scratch” at home.

Image of iron being poured into a mold with the words The Sun Pour on the top left.
The Sun Pour 2022

Sat, June 18, 2022
FREE! Drop by anytime- hot iron flows throughout the evening in celebration of summer. Enjoy spectacular performance pours by Nordic Iron. Make something in iron! See info about the Iron Tile workshop.

Image of bronze cast dog paw prints and a few bronze cast fingerprints, cast at BronzeAge as part of one of the workshops.
Bronze Prints Workshop

Ongoing- take home
Paw + People Prints. Press your pup’s paw or your finger or thumb into soft wax. Using lost-wax casting, we’ll make it bronze! Allow 10-20 minutes. $39-54/print. Bronze ready in 3 weeks. We can also reproduce plaster or clay prints in bronze.

A visitor participates in the Bronze Tile workshop, using a long, thin tool to scratch a design into a sand tile that will later have iron poured into it.  Another visitor is working on their tile in the background.
Bronze Tile Workshop

Ongoing- take home
“Scratch” a design into a sand mold and we’ll fill it with hot bronze at the next bronze pour! Allow 45-90 minutes. $55/tile. Sand molds can be picked up in advance to “scratch” at home.
Bronze tiles ready in 2-3 weeks.

Various bronze bling poured by BronzeAge as part of the Bronze Bling workshop where visitors make something in wax, then we turn it into bronze, including a cross, bison, "BAAC" paperweight, floral peace sign, "J" keychain, and bee.
Bronze Bling Workshop

Ongoing- take home
Make a thing in wax, we’ll turn it into bronze at the next bronze pour. Design a pendant, key fob, a dog tag or bag swag for your backpack or purse. Allow 15-45 minutes. $35/bling. Bronze ready in about 3 weeks.

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