BronzeAge Art Casting sculpture foundry
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Two bronze statues of bulls.
Sculpture Foundry

You make the art or object, we replicate it in bronze. Full-service art foundry offering bronze, brass, aluminum and iron casting services to artists, architects, designers, communities and individuals.

Two pigeons, one behind the other, are angled towards the camera. They both have signs around their necks reading "Save our Statues."
Repair + Restoration
  • Metal sculpture repair
  • Sculpture cleaning
  • Maintenance programs
  • Sculpture restoration
  • Welding and repair of everyday objects
A child in striped overalls and a t-shirt faces the camera, smiling holding a rectangular iron tile with gloved hands.  The iron tile reads, in cursive letters, "The Audacity." Behind the child, a smiling person with a short beard and moustache in a t-shirt and shorts squats, holding up a round iron tile in a gloved hand that reads "Lavla Bug," with other unreadable words.
Events + Workshops

You create and we make it metal! All ages workshops and take home kits: bronze paw prints, bronze bling, iron or bronze tiles. Host to community iron pours, Fire + Ice and the summer Falls Art Market.

Five "Hey Sioux Falls 2018" awards.  They are shaped like flashlights facing upwards with the base on a rock.  They are golden in color.  The front two have readable bases.  The one on the left reads "Hey Sioux Falls 2018 New Startup of the Year."  The one on the right reads "Hey Sioux Falls 2018 Presenting Sponsor."
Memorials + Awards
  • Custom Memorials
  • Custom Awards
  • Baptismals + Fountains
Multiple metal cast door faceplates.
Custom Metal Work
  • Decorative hardware
  • Restoration hardware
  • Architectural features

Two BronzeAge workers, one holding a hose and the second using a welder.  There is a wide spray of sparks coming off the metal towards the viewer.
Fabrication + Welding
  • Metal fabrication
  • Welding services
  • Metal repairs
About Us

Quietly casting art + objects in Sioux Falls, South Dakota since 2007.
Formerly bronzeagefsd.com
Sculptor + founder Rick Haugen